3 Most Influential Modern Artists

Most influential modern artists have driven millions of art lovers to the museums and art galleries over the years. Their paintings have generated record sales in auctions and private sales, and they have been the center of attention in art debates. Some of these modern artists used technologies to harness the art market, and some adopted centuries-old techniques and methods to bring the old art back. The work of these artists reminded the art lovers of the true spiritual power of art and showed us the true power of solidarity.

Most Influential Modern Artists

The nods to the past have riddled the postmodern society. The list of most influential modern artists may vary for different sources depending upon personal interests. Here are the three most influential modern artists.

1. Kara Walker

The list of modern artists is incomplete with mentioning Kara’s contribution to the fine art market. You can find her artwork at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. Her way of expressing art is exceptional, and you can see her pushing to reach the most prescient modes of art. Her masterpiece features a 40-foot-tall fountain and takes the space of cavernous space. Kara Walker is labeled as one of the boldest and most ambitious artists of modern art. Most of the art lovers are comparing her recent work with the mommoth 2014 installation. There is nothing that Kara Walker cannot do.

2. Arthur Jafa

If you consider Venice Biennale as the Olympic event of the art world, Arthur Jafa is definitely going to win the gold medal. He has also been awarded the highest honor of Venice Biennale. The artist has a unique approach to modern art, and his work speaks for his ideas as he believes that there is nothing of right or wrong in the art but the expression of your relationship with the art.

3. Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson was appointed as the goodwill ambassador by the United Nations in the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit. His work is mostly inspired by the environment. His work is actually inspired by climate change, and his recent position has given insane exposure to his work. He has been pretty busy with new art events and exhibitions. He has also been featured in a Netflix series. His show is also generating more than 2500 daily visitors. If you are into modern art, you must give his work a try.

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